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Barnet Community Transport

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Future events


Come along and say hello to Jennie and the gang and enjoy some creative, fun activities The full summer tour itinerary is:


Wednesday 29 July: DOLLIS VALLY EN5.

Thursday 30 July: GRAHAME PARK ESTATE NW9.

Tuesday 4 August: STONE GROVE HA8.

Wednesday 5 August: BROADFIELDS ESTATE HA8.

Thursday 6 August: WATLING PARK HA8.

Tuesday 11 August: MARBLE DRIVE NW2.

Wednesday 12 August: WEST HENDON NW9.

Thursday 13 August: MILL HILL PARK NW7.

Tuesday 18 August: STRAWBERRY VALE N2.

Wednesday 19 August: THE GRANGE N2.

Thursday 20 August: SILKSTREAM PARK HA8.

Wednesday 29 August: THE MEADS HA8.

Thursday 30 August: NORTH ROAD HA8.


Financial Support for Rolling Base®

 Thanks to funding from Children In Need, The Mercers’ Company and The Milly Apthorp Charitable Trust Continuation Fund, we are able to provide a free programme of FRESH (Freedom to Relax, Enjoy, Share and Have fun) activities during the summer holidays.

To find out more about Children In Need, click here.

To find out more about The Mercers Company, click here.

To find out more about The Milly Apthorp Charitable Trust Continuation Fund, click here.


Past Events

Rolling Base® Schedule July 2014 – December 2014 

Date Location
Thursday 9 April Grahame Park Estate, NW9
Wednesday 8 April West Hendon Estate, NW9
Tuesday 7 April North Road Estate, Edgware, HA8
Thursday 2 April Chesterfield Road, EN5
Wednesday 1 April Dollis Valley Estate, EN5
Tuesday 31 March Marble Drive, Cricklewood, NW2
Sunday 6 December Greenford Town Centre UB6
Sunday 30 November Borehamwood Town Hall WDG
Saturday 15 November Brent Catalyst Housing NW10
Thursday 30 October Grahame Park NW9
Wednesday 29 October Stonegrove HA8
Tuesday 28 October West Hendon NW4
Monday 27 October Dollis Valley EN5
Monday 28th July Watling Park HA8
Tuesday 29th July The Meads HA8
Tuesday 29th July The Meads HA8
Wednesday 30th July Grahame Park NW9
Thursday 31st July Dollis Valley EN5
Friday 1st August Chesterfield Road EN5
Monday 4th August Grahame Park NW9
Tuesday 5th August Stonegrove HA8
Wednesday 6th August Hammersmith Play Day
Tuesday 12th August The Grange
Wednesday 13th August Strawberry Vale
Thursday 14th August Watling Park HA8
Wednesday 20th August Clitterhouse
Thursday 21st August Hendon Park NW4
Friday 22nd August Grahame Park NW9 Uruban Games
Tuesday 26th August Mill Hill Park NW7 Pop up Picnic in the Park
Wednesday 27th August North Road HA8
Thursday 28th August Grahame Park NW9
BCT reserves the right to amend the published schedule without prior notification, but will endeavour to notify potential users of any changes to planned arrangements if possible via the website. Please note that as with any vehicle operations there can be no absolute guarantee that a specific vehicle will be able to attend due to operational, maintenance, access, weather or other factors. BCT is not liable for any costs incurred by any attendees, organisations or any third parties should the visit not take place as planned. If our workers, vehicles or equipment are put at risk by the actions of users or third parties then we reserve the right to withdraw from that venue immediately without notice.