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Barnet Community Transport

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Summary of Charges

Barnet Community Transport Cost Structure

 From 1st July 2012 (prices held since 2011)

Our charges are set to cover the running costs of the vehicles including fuel payments, 24-hour roadside assistance and recovery, and fully comprehensive insurance.  With the exception of the 6-seater MPV ‘people carrier’, both sessional and mileage charges apply.

Please note the additional charges if BCT supplies a driver instead of a volunteer from within the user group.

Also note that by making any booking you are agreeing in full to BCT’s terms and conditions pertaining or updated at that time and are liable for all costs incurred relating to that booking.


Membership Fees


A          Individuals/Families                                                                             £10.00

B          Groups with turnover less than £10K                                                 £26.00

C         Groups with turnover more than £10K                                               £55.00

D         Day Centres / Schools                                                                        £60.00

E          Statutory (National and LA etc) funded groups                                  £78.00


Travel Fees


Session rate                0-4 hours                                                                    £18.00

Session rate                 4-8 hours                                                                    £36.00

Session rate                8-24 hours                                                                   £60.00


Weekends and longer periods may be discounted according to usage/mileage.

Overnight charge


Minibus                                                                                                            £14.00

MPV                                                                                                                £ 7.50


Mileage charge


Minibus Mileage Charge                                                         £1.00 per mile flat rate

MPV Mileage Charge                                                              £1.50 per mile flat rate


Mileage charges are calculated beginning and ending at the Mill Hill Depot.

Trips of more than 50 motorway miles may qualify for a reduction in rate.


Driver charge


£10.00 per hour Mon – Fri up to 18.00

£10.50 per hour from 18.00 onwards

£11.00 per hour all day on Saturday

£12.00 per hour all day on Sunday


New Booking fee:

Initial enquiry and booking in writing (e-mail or post)                                       Free

Each Amendment to that original after confirmation                                £10.00

Short Notice (less than 3 full working days) or telephone bookings          £10.00

If short notice amendment involves a seating change to accommodate

a wheelchair user (if possible but changeover cannot be guaranteed)      £20.00

Short Notice Cancellation: Charge equal to session

and any Driver costs.                                                                            Variable

Late Return


Where vehicles are returned later than agreed, additional sessional charges will apply.

Please notify the office immediately if planned return time cannot be achieved.




A cleaning charge of £20 per hour (minimum charge 1 hour) will be imposed if the interior of the vehicle is dirty upon its return.  Please use the dustpan and brush provided.


Insurance Excess


For drivers over 25 =         £250


For drivers 21-24 =            £350


This is payable when a BCT, or third party vehicle or vehicles, and / or property has been damaged by a BCT vehicle whilst in the care of the member group.

Use of new vehicles will require an excess of £750 to be underwritten or lodged by the group in advance.

Any damage to a BCT vehicle, whether it is moving or stationary, or whether the Driver using the vehicle is present or not, will be chargeable to the user group who remain solely liable for the vehicle throughout the duration of the booking until it is checked back in as undamaged by BCT staff. BCT MiDAS Certificated drivers are aware of procedures to ensure safety, if an escort or other member of a group or individuals words or actions, result in damage to the vehicle then that user group remains entirely liable


Damage and Loss


Groups will be liable for the full repair or replacement costs for any damage to or loss of seats, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, wheel-chair restraining systems, tyres, keys and so forth. Passenger lifts should be tested as part of pre drive check list – damage requiring emergency call out by BCT staff or specialist engineers will be charged in full.

Please note any damage to wing mirrors or lights or trim will be chargeable.




Should a member fail to turn up for a booked use, or give insufficient notice of cancelling their use, (three clear working days) BCT will charge the full original sessional charges and driver costs applicable, or those specified by an external supplier – NOTE up to 14 days notice is required for specialist vehicles like Rolling Base® and / or Rolling Base® MAX or Rolling Base® PLUS. Rolling Base® is a registered Trademark of BCT


Road Charging, Tolls, Parking Fines


Groups will be liable for the full cost of any charges, penalties or parking fines they incur,

including fines for yellow box junction violations, speed and traffic light camera penalties. Please double check in advance if the congestion charge is applied.