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Barnet Community Transport

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Equality Policy

Equality Policy


As a community based organisation, it is particularly important that BCT’s services are available equally to all sections of the community. In order to achieve this, the organisation’s management and structure must be designed in such a way as to reflect the diverse and multi?cultural society in which we live.  We recognise, and are committed to addressing the barriers to opportunity and the discrimination faced by people by reason of their disability, ethnicity, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation.

The BCT Equal Opportunities Policy applies to members of the Management Committee (Trustees), Staff and Users of Services.


Responsibility for implementing and monitoring this Equal Opportunities Policy rests primarily with the Chair of the Management Committee, who may delegate aspects of it to staff or other members of the Management Committee under her/his supervision.

BCT expects members, staff, volunteers and Management Committee members to raise issues of discrimination when they become aware of them by challenging them or by using our Complaints Procedure (and, in the case of staff, Contracts of Employment).

Any individual or group found to have shown racist or sexist attitudes and behaviour or prejudice against people on the grounds of disability, age or sexual orientation will be excluded from membership.  Similarly, any member of staff or volunteer showing such behaviour or attitudes will be subject to disciplinary action on the grounds of gross misconduct.


Membership of the organisation is available to any group or individual meeting our published membership criteria.  We will monitor our membership ‘constituency’ in terms of age, disability, ethnic origin and area of residence so that we can begin to identify any bias or imbalance in our membership as compared with the population of the area served by BCT as a whole.  All members of the organisation are expected, as a condition of membership, to comply with this policy on Equal Opportunities.

Management Committee

Procedures for electing our Management Committee are democratic, and allow every member group or individual who wishes to be represented an equal chance of being nominated and elected at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).  We will monitor the composition of our Management Committee after each AGM, and in the event that one or more sections of the community appearing to be under-represented, we shall make efforts to co-opt representatives from them.

Service Delivery

Every attempt will be made to ensure that information and publicity about BCT are available and acceptable to all sections of the community.  Printed materials will be produced in RNIB1 recommended fonts, and visual images will reflect the diversity of Barnet.  Where needed, materials will be translated into appropriate languages for people who do not read English, and made available in large print or on tape for visually impaired people and others who are unable to use standard printed material.

Our vehicle-purchasing programme is based on consultation with existing and potential users, and in accordance with CTA2 and DPTAC3 recommendations.  Any meetings held by BCT will be in fully accessible venues. Transport to meetings will be offered to members with difficulties in accessing for reasons of age ability or other factors that would prevent their participation.


Our recruitment policies are designed in such a way as to ensure that full time appointments are made on the basis of how well each applicant meets the requirements of the job (the ‘Person Specification’).  It follows that, as drawing up the ‘Person Specification’ is crucial to ensuring equality of opportunity; it will therefore specify as precisely as possible the skills, knowledge and experience needed for the job.

Compliance with this policy on Equal Opportunities is a condition of employment of all staff.


Volunteers will be sought from all sections of the community.  We will monitor our volunteer recruitment process regularly and make special efforts to recruit volunteers from any section of the community that appears to be under represented.  All volunteers and prospective volunteers will be supplied with a copy of our Volunteers Handbook.

Compliance with this policy on Equal Opportunities is a condition of acceptance of all volunteers.

1 Royal National Institute for the Blind

2 Community Transport Association

3 Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee