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Barnet Community Transport

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Complaints procedure

Complaints procedure

Barnet Community Transport (BCT) aims to provide an efficient, fair and accessible service to community groups and individuals in Barnet. We aim to provide the highest quality service, but sometimes almost inevitably given the many often conflicting demands upon BCT things do go wrong and we welcome any suggestions as to how our services can be improved, or deficiencies overcome.

If you have experienced any problem or dissatisfaction with our services or practices, or with any member of staff or volunteer we will take your complaint seriously and investigate it thoroughly.

To facilitate the investigation of any complaint, BCT has established this complaints procedure. The aim is to provide a speedy, just and open investigation, with the outcome being communicated to all those involved.

What is a complaint?

BCT considers any expression of dissatisfaction about any of the following a complaint:

Who can complain?

  1. Any person using, or wishing to use, one of our services.
  2. Any person who legitimately represents someone who uses, or wishes to use one of our services.

How do I make a complaint?

Informal complaints can be made in telephone or in person to any member of staff. You may wish to make an informal complaint if the problem or dissatisfaction is of a minor nature.

More serious complaints, or those to which you would like a written response, should be made in writing to the Director. You may also wish to make a written complaint if your informal complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction. If you wish your complaint to be treated confidentially, please address it to the  Director, and mark the outside of the envelope “PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL”.

If your complaint refers directly to the Director, you should write to the Chair, marking the envelope “PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL”.

In any case, please give us as much specific information about your complaint as possible, such as dates, times and the names of any people concerned, otherwise it may be difficult to investigate your complaint. We will not be able to investigate anonymous complaints.

What will happen next?

Informal complaints will be resolved with you by the member of staff to whom you addressed the complaint, or the member of staff responsible for the service or work in question. Your complaint and any action taken will be reported to the Director.  Depending on the nature of the complaint, you may at that stage be asked to make a written complaint, which will then be dealt with according to the procedure outlined below. If you wish, you may ask for your informal complaint to be logged.

We will log all written complaints, and we will aim to give you a written reply to your complaint within ten working days of receipt. If it is not possible to investigate your complaint fully within that time, you will receive an interim reply giving you details of action taken or being considered to date and the name of the person dealing with it. In any case, you will receive a full reply to your complaint within four weeks of its receipt.

Our Management Committee will be supplied with details of all written complaints and their outcomes at least once a year.

What if I am not satisfied?

If your complaint was an informal one, and you are not satisfied with the outcome, you should submit a written complaint and address it to the Director.

If your complaint was a written one, and you are not satisfied with the outcome, you should ask for the complaint, and our response to it to be considered by our Management Committee. You should put this request in writing and address it to the Chair of Management Committee.

What if I am still not satisfied?

You can take your complaint directly to the Charity Commissioners of England and Wales.

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Note:  Staff or volunteers wishing to make a complaint must use the procedures outlined in their Contract of Employment or Volunteers Handbook.