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Barnet Community Transport

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Group Membership

Thank you for your interest in our transport, vehicle, training services. Barnet Community Transport is an independent charity, operating on a not for profit basis using social enterprise principles. We receive no statutory revenue funding to support our work. BCT provides safe, affordable and accessible solutions for transport disadvantaged individuals and families in the borough and the surrounding areas, thereby promoting social inclusion. BCT aims to overcome the barriers to participation that often face people who are vulnerable, frail or have a disability in order to build the resilience, social capital and wellbeing of our users.

Our small fleet of vehicles, including wheelchair accessible minibuses, MPV’s, are available ‘at reasonable cost’ to eligible groups, families and individuals, providing that certain membership and usage criteria are met. Therefore, it is important to carefully read and understand ALL the information contained within this Membership Pack, because by making a booking you are making a solemn and binding legal agreement to all our terms and conditions and underwriting full cost liability.

We particularly draw your attention to the Terms and Conditions leaflet, which details the rules needed to fulfil our booking, legal, safety, insurance and equal opportunities requirements.

Also please note that we do not compete on price or provide an instant “on demand” service similar to taxis or minicabs, that is not part of our remit.

Please note that we are NOT part of Dial a Ride and have no access to any method of bypassing the DAR bookings process.

The office is not open all day or every day, due to limited funding for staffing, so once your booking and seating capacity has been confirmed and we have allocated the most suitably configured vehicle we may not be able to change passenger numbers or types. It is therefore vital that all wheelchair users and whether they are transferable or non-transferable are declared at time of booking in writing. BCT cannot accept responsibility for incorrect or incomplete numbers of passengers or any changes that cannot be met at the last minute.


Assuming that as an individual, or family, you live in the London Borough of Barnet, or your organisation is based in the London Borough of Barnet or operates for the benefit of people living, studying or working in Barnet and is concerned with education, play, religion, health, social welfare, sport, recreation or other activities of a charitable nature you are eligible to join BCT. Statutory bodies such as state schools and council-run day centres, youth clubs or play schemes are also eligible. Please note though, that operating under a Section 19 Permit as BCT does, prohibits us from supplying transport to ‘commercial concerns’ such as schools, nurseries or nursing homes.

You need to nominate a senior representative to complete and return all the enclosed green forms with a cheque for membership (made out to Barnet Community Transport) to the address above. This person will be responsible for the payment of all bills.  Please remember that we will only accept bookings from those authorised on the form – these should not be the same people who you think will be driving.

Requests for quotes, bookings, or amendments will only be accepted in writing.

Your membership year runs from 12 months at point of joining the scheme.  Membership fees are:

A          Individuals/Families                                                                             £12.50

B          Groups with turnover less than £10K                                                  £32.50

C         Groups with turnover more than £10K                                                 £68.75

D         Day Centres / Schools                                                                         £75.00

E          Statutory (National and LA etc) funded groups                                   £97.50

Please let us know if you need this membership information pack in larger print, alternative format or translated into another language.


Having had your individual membership approved and payment having cleared, if you have someone willing to drive for you, you will also need to arrange a MiDAS (Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme) course and driving assessment for each person who will be driving BCT vehicles. The charge for this will vary depending on numbers attending and individual arrangements. Alternatively, we may in certain cases of proven minibus handling to the required level, accept documented evidence of having undertaken the Barnet Council driving assessment within the last two years. Drivers who have passed their Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency driving test prior to 31 December 1996 do not, currently, need a special Category D1 PCV licence, but we need to be sure that they are fully aware of their responsibilities, and that they can safely handle a larger vehicle and any on-board accessibility equipment. Please note that any paid driver, who passed their original driving test after this date, must hold a PCV/D1 licence

MiDAS is the nationally accredited standard for minibus driving and use. It is approved by ROSPA, recommended by the Metropolitan Police, and is accepted by many Community Transport groups, voluntary and statutory organisations including the Scout and Guide Associations, the National Union of Teachers, and many Social Services departments.

To drive BCT vehicles, drivers must be at least 21, ideally 25 – 69 years old and must have held a full, clean manual UK Driver’s Licence for a minimum of 2 years. They should be a regular manual large motor vehicle driver with a satisfactory accident and claims history, and with no prosecution pending.  We may be able to accept variations from the ideal, subject to an additional insurance excess, provided that we are notified prior to any MiDAS arrangements.

Drivers who fail to declare anything that subsequently results in invalidation or reduction of insurance cover are responsible for any costs or consequences relating to such failure.

Drivers will have to bring to their first MiDAS appointment; their driving licence (both parts of the new style one), two passport sized photos, and completed registration forms which we will issue in advance.  Failure to attend at the appointed times or bring the necessary paperwork, or passing the eyesight requirements (with or without glasses or contact lenses) will result in the candidate incurring the full cost of training and assessment regardless of one or all components not having been undertaken.

Making a Booking

Following on from a successful membership application and processing your completed forms and annual payment, then and only then can we move to the booking stage.

An initial enquiry or a quote do not under any circumstances constitute a booking confirmation.

Bookings are subject to vehicle availability. Bookings must be made in writing (by email or post). It has been necessary to introduce a booking fee, the charges are as follows:

Initial enquiry and booking in writing (e-mail or post)                                                  Free

Each Amendment to that original after confirmation                                                £10.00

Short Notice (less than 3 days) or telephone bookings                                           £10.00

If amendment involves a seating change to accommodate a wheelchair user (if possible)                                                                                                                  £20.00

Short Notice Cancellation: Charge equal to session and any Driver costs.         Variable.

Please try to give us as much notice as possible prior to your intended date of travel. You will need to be specific about how many passengers are travelling, their ages and any special requirements they may have e.g. if they are wheel-chair users or need booster seats. In the interests of comfort and safety, wherever possible, people should transfer from their wheelchairs into a standard seat. If we are not told in writing about wheelchair users at time of booking confirmation we cannot be held responsible for vehicles not being configured to take those passengers.

It is imperative that it is confirmed whether your passengers are able to transfer at the time of booking.

Requests for regular bookings MUST be made in writing in advance and should state all dates, times, passenger types and numbers. Regular bookings can be made in blocks of up to three months, or contracts for longer periods.

Since we try to ensure that all groups have a chance of using BCT services, with an emphasis on supporting wheelchair users renewals of regular bookings or access to specific vehicles or services cannot be guaranteed.

It is important that careful realistic consideration is given to the duration of your trips, especially the return time, so that subsequent users do not lose out. You will also need to allow enough time for the driver to check the vehicle before and after every trip. They may also have to refuel, tidy the interior, remove or replace seats which must be noted on logsheet.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need guidance or require help with any of our forms or need further clarification on the information provided.


  1. Bookings for vehicle users will only be accepted in writing from fully paid up members of Barnet Community Transport (BCT). It is the responsibility of members to ensure that only authorised personnel who are registered as approved bookers in advance, and are fully aware of these terms and conditions, can make bookings. A member is responsible for the payment of any usage, accepted in good faith by BCT, booked in the name of, or on behalf of that member. Members will be required to underwrite or lodge an excess of £750 before using certain high value vehicles. By placing a booking with BCT all terms and conditions, including liability for payment if members cancel trips without sufficient notice in writing are deemed applicable in law without exception.
  2. It is forbidden to sub-hire or lend a BCT vehicle.
  3. Payment is always due immediately as of invoice receipt. Users must pay all charges, including any penalties, fines or surcharges at the current rate.  The charges will be those that are in force at the time of use even if they have changed since the time of booking. BCT reserves the right to refuse bookings to any member, individual or group whose account is overdue. Defaulting on, or delaying payment will result in any further request for BCT services becoming subject to a deposit equal to the cost of the proposed work being cleared into the BCT account at least 10 working days in advance. Persistent late payment or non-payment of invoices will also result in suspension of access and / or loss of membership. BCT will make every effort to recover any debts incurred, by whatever means necessary, including use of collection agencies.
  4. BCT vehicles may not be used for group or individual commercial activity, individual gain or for party political purposes. Nor may they be used for trips outside the UK.
  5. BCT vehicles may not be used to transport inflammable liquids or gases. Nor may non-prescription drugs or intoxicating liquor be carried or consumed on board.
  6. Passenger vehicles must not be used to carry any goods other than reasonable amounts of personal mobility aids, hand luggage or shopping. Nor should they ever carry more passengers than the number of seats and/or wheelchair spaces provided.
  7. BCT reserves the right to reject, cancel or vary any booking if the purpose for which the vehicle is to be used is inconsistent with the aims, objectives, vision, ethos or rules of BCT.
  8. Regular bookings are only accepted subject to the conditions in force at the time, as laid down by the Trustees Management Committee. The Chief Executive Officer and the Management Committee reserve the right to decide between conflicting applications for the use of vehicles without any recourse to appeal by members affected.
  9. In accordance with the law, Drivers and passengers are not permitted to smoke in any BCT vehicle, and must wear seatbelts at all times, and remain seated whilst the vehicle is in motion.
  10. BCT must be informed as soon as possible if there are any serious concerns about the roadworthiness of the vehicle, and obviously it should not be driven until given clearance by BCT or their representatives. In the event of any damage to a vehicle whatever the cause Users must follow procedures in accordance with the emergency instructions, which are held in the flip down sun visor, or glove compartment of each vehicle. Minor repairs should not be carried out without the prior authorisation of BCT. Members will be liable for the current insurance excesses if unauthorised costs are incurred by BCT.
  11. Users must adhere to the booking times when taking and returning vehicles. Drivers must record start and finish mileage, which is from our current base at Edgware Community Hospital. We reserve the right to charge twenty pounds (£20.00) each time this is not recorded legibly and accurately, as well as the actual start and finish times, on the trip log sheet provided which must be signed and dated. Unauthorised late return of a vehicle will result in a penalty charge, and any repetition will result in suspension of membership entitlements to access services.
  12. Should an unauthorised use of a vehicle result in another member being unable to use it at the time they booked, any resultant financial liability may be passed on to the first user. Wilfully keeping a vehicle beyond the booked time can be construed as taking the vehicle without the owner’s consent. In such cases, BCT reserves the right to take any appropriate action to recover the vehicle. BCT reserves the right to refuse usage from members who are persistently late in returning vehicles or delay paying for such usage.
  13. Should a member fail to turn up for a booked use, or give insufficient notice of cancelling their use, (three full working weekdays) BCT will charge the full original sessional charges and driver costs applicable, or those specified by an external supplier – NOTE up to 14 working days notice is required for externally supplied specialist vehicles.
  14. Should any member persistently cancel their bookings, BCT reserves the right to levy the original sessional charges, regardless of the length of notice given for the cancellation. BCT does not compete on pricing so it is unrealistic to expect limited resources to be spent providing quotes for comparison.
  15. Vehicles must be returned in a clean and tidy condition: all rubbish must be removed from inside the vehicle before the end of the use. Failure to do so will result in a cleaning surcharge (minimum £30.) Spillage/Wet Clean £50 minimum.
  16. Fuel tags, keys, seats and fully completed log sheets must be returned in good condition on the date and time agreed when bookings were made. Failure to do so will incur appropriate charges.
  17. Any loaned equipment must be returned in good condition on the date and time agreed when bookings were made. Failure to do so will incur a full new replacement charge.
  18. Anyone driving a vehicle in the BCT fleet must be on the BCT Register of Drivers and have successfully undertaken the appropriate vehicle familiarisation, including in the case of minibuses – a MiDAS driving assessment and equivalent relevant training course(s).
  19. Drivers must re-register every 12 months, and must notify BCT immediately in the event of any accidents, convictions or illnesses that could affect their driving, or of any other material matter or fact that could possibly affect safety and the legality of their use of BCT vehicles.
  20. Should a driver provide false or inaccurate information at the time of registering with BCT, and insurance cover is consequently invalidated, BCT reserves the right to take legal action against the relevant parties in addition to any prosecution undertaken by the appropriate authorities.
  21. Drivers must not drive whilst overtired, sleepy, under the influence of drugs (prescription or otherwise) or alcohol. BCT will provide information to assist in any prosecution resulting from any such activities.
  22. Drivers must not indulge in reckless, careless or dangerous driving, or misuse or abuse the vehicle and its equipment, and must at all times put the safety of the passengers and vehicle first.
  23. Drivers must inspect all vehicles prior to driving, using the checklist on the log sheet, and record any damage or defects identified before and after the trip. Drivers are liable to police prosecution if they drive a defective vehicle.
  24. Drivers who are involved in a collision or accident involving a BCT vehicle, or whose manner of driving calls BCT’s good name into disrepute will be required to undergo a chargeable re-assessment.
  25. BCT reserves the right to ban a driver from driving any vehicle in the fleet if there are reasonable grounds for believing that person knowingly failed to report any damage to, or accident involving, a vehicle in the BCT fleet whilst it was in their care or failed to be a good ambassador for BCT by their manner of driving eg. not in a considerate eco friendly way, or not planning routes to minimise mileage.
  26. BCT reserves the right to ban a driver from driving any vehicle in the BCT fleet should that person allow another person to drive without the prior registration and approval of BCT staff. In such circumstances, the driver(s) may be liable to prosecution.
  27. In the event of cancellation or change to a booking by BCT, no liability can be accepted for any loss, financial or otherwise, arising from our failure to provide a vehicle, and BCT cannot be held responsible for breach of contract in such circumstances.
  28. In the event of breakdown, BCT does not warrant providing a replacement vehicle or any cover over and above that provided by our contract with our 24 hours’ Roadside Assistance and Recovery Company, and is not liable for any consequential losses.
  29. The responsibility of the vehicle lies with the BCT driver at all times however if an escort overrides that authority for any reason full liability passes to the member groups as is already the case with those supplying their own driver. Damage, fines or penalties resulting in any costs to BCT will be borne entirely by the parent organisation on behalf of the volunteer or staff member who over-rode the BCT driver’s decision. This applies to choice of route, parking, access and loading or un-loading and any other instruction given to the driver on behalf of the user group.

Barnet Community Transport Cost Structure

 From 1st November 2015

 Our charges are set to cover the running costs of the vehicles including fuel payments, 24-hour roadside assistance and recovery, and fully comprehensive insurance.

With the exception of the 6-seater MPV ‘people carrier’, both sessional and mileage charges apply.

Please note additional charges apply if a BCT driver is used instead of a volunteer from user groups.

Also note that by making any booking you are agreeing in full to BCT’s terms and conditions pertaining or updated at that time and are liable for all costs incurred relating to that booking.

 Membership Fees

A          Individuals/Families                                                                             £12.50

B          Groups with turnover less than £10K                                                  £32.50

C         Groups with turnover more than £10K                                                £68.75

D         Day Centres / Schools                                                                        £75.00

E          Statutory (National and LA etc) funded groups                                   £97.50

Travel Fees

Session rate                0-4 hours                                                                    £20.00

Session rate                4-8 hours                                                                    £40.00

Session rate                8-24 hours                                                                  £66.00

Weekends and longer periods may be discounted according to usage/mileage.

Overnight charge If outside Barnet area

Minibus                                                                                                            £20.00

MPV                                                                                                                £10.00

Mileage charge

Minibus Mileage Charge                                                         £1.25 per mile flat rate

MPV Mileage Charge                                                             £1.65 per mile flat rate

Please note VAT is chargeable at 20% on MPV trips but not on minibuses.

Mileage charges are calculated beginning and ending at the Mill Hill Depot.

Trips of more than 50 motorway miles may qualify for a reduction in rate.

Driver charge

£12.00 per hour Mon – Fri up to 18.00

£12.50 per hour from 18.00 onwards

£13.00 per hour all day on Saturday

£14.00 per hour all day on Sunday

New Booking fee:

Initial enquiry and booking in writing (e-mail or post)                                       Free

Each Amendment to that original after confirmation                                       £10.00

Short Notice (less than 3 full working days) or telephone bookings               £10.00

If short notice amendment involves a seating change to accommodate a wheelchair user (if possible but changeover cannot be guaranteed)               £20.00

Short Notice Cancellation: Variable Charge equal to session and any Driver costs.

Late Return

Where vehicles are returned later than agreed, additional sessional charges will apply.

Please notify the office immediately if planned return time cannot be achieved.


A cleaning charge of £30 per hour (minimum charge 1 hour) will be imposed if the interior of the vehicle is dirty upon its return.  Please use the dustpan and brush provided. Wet / Spillage cleaning minimum charge £50

Insurance Excess

For drivers over 25 =      £250

For drivers 21-24 =         £350

This is payable when a BCT, or third party vehicle or vehicles, and / or property has been damaged by a BCT vehicle whilst in the care of the member group.

Use of new vehicles will require an excess of £750 to be underwritten or lodged by the group in advance.

Any damage to a BCT vehicle, whether it is moving or stationary, or whether the Driver using the vehicle is present or not, will be chargeable to the user group who remain solely liable for the vehicle throughout the duration of the booking until it is checked back in as undamaged by BCT staff.

BCT MiDAS Certificated drivers are aware of the relevant procedures to ensure safety, if an escort or other member of a group or individuals words or actions, result in damage to the vehicle then that user group remains entirely liable

Damage and Loss

Groups will be liable for the full repair or replacement costs for any damage to or loss of seats, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, wheel-chair restraining systems, tyres, keys and so forth. Passenger lifts should be tested as part of pre drive check list –

Damage requiring emergency call out by BCT staff or specialist engineers will be charged in full.

Please note any damage to wing mirrors or lights or trim will be chargeable.


Should a member fail to turn up for a booked use, or give insufficient notice of cancelling their use, (three clear working weekdays) BCT will charge the full original sessional charges and driver costs applicable, or those specified by an external supplier – NOTE up to 14 working days notice is required for specialist vehicles

Road Charging, Tolls, Parking Fines

Groups will be liable for the full cost of any charges, penalties or parking fines they incur, including fines for yellow box junction violations, speed and traffic light camera penalties.

Please double check in advance if the congestion charge is applicable for your trip, the full costs of entering the LEZ and or Congestion Charging zones must be borne by the individual and or group using the BCT vehicle.

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To download the Group Membership Application Form click here.