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Barnet Community Transport

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Fundraising & Legacies

Donate by Text

Make a difference to BCT by donating by text through your mobile telephone.  

Text BCTX42£(whatever amount) to 70070.  It’s easy and BCT gets the full amount of your donation.

Leaving a lasting legacy for the community

One of our highlights from 2010 was that sunny, warm afternoon in June when we took delivery of our new, specially modified Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV).  Named the ‘Rita, Bert and Jim’s bus’, (pictured below) the donation of the MPV through the Foresters Charity Stewards UK Trust was made possible by legacies from three individuals.  All three wanted their donation to make a difference, bringing smiles for miles to its passengers (as well as their relatives, friends and carers), not just today but to derive its benefits for many years to come.

Pictured above are Mayor of the London Borough of Barnet Cllr Anthony Finn, members of the Foresters’ Charity along with their patron Pam Rhodes, members of our management committee and BCT members.

Jean Howes, wife of Jim (pictured above, standing in the doorway of the vehicle) said,   “The legacy in memory of my dear husband, of funds towards the MPV for Barnet Community Transport will be a lasting memory, as his name appears on the vehicle. I know that many disabled and older passengers will benefit from the vehicle, which would have pleased Jim very much, as he was keen for them to be part of the community”

Should you choose this route of supporting BCT, there are tax advantages. A legacy allows the donated funds to be removed from the donor’s estate before it is taxed.  So, in effect, it is a tax-free option.

For more information, please contact us on 0203 859 1790 /